Welcome to 3i Sunsoft

3i Sunsoft, we’re not just another talent solution company. We’re your catalyst for growth, innovation, and lasting success. Our core mission revolves around three key pillars.

Tech AI Solutions

We rebuild outdated processes into straightforward, practical, and efficient ways for companies to take use of contemporary technology.

Recruitment Solution

We are a cloud-based hiring platform for the IT sector, aimed at finding and matching qualified applicants with the ideal employers.

Cloud Telephony

We deliver cloud-based, secure communication solutions that improve customer experience while saving contact centers' whole costs.

Dedicated to delivering excellence

We are not just a talent solution company; we are the architects of possibility. Our journey began with the vision to connect the world’s most exceptional talent with organizations that recognize their true value. Today, we stand as a beacon of transformation in the ever-evolving landscape of talent management.


Our goal is to find, nurture, and enable the greatest talent on the planet to support the success of companies. It is a straightforward yet important task. Our guiding principles are that every individual can make a special contribution and that all organizations may gain from having the proper talent.


Our portfolio

  • Mphasis
  • Nityo
  • ArTech
  • National Systems America
  • Quest resource solution
  • Acclaim Systems Inc
  • Spurtech
  • ArTech
  • Cloudious
  • Alphosoft Inc
  • CBLSolutions
  • Cynet System
  • 3am it solutions

Connecting You to the Best IT and Medical Professionals.