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Our goal at 3i Sunsoft is to provide our clients with economical and practical answers to their information technology problems. We provide a tried-and-true delivery approach that precisely blends offshore, national, and local resources to satisfy the demands of individual clients. With our simplified operations, we guarantee a partnership approach wherein companies can access our worldwide resources through their 3i Sunsoft account manager’s expertise and have a single point of contact inside 3i Sunsoft. Our main office is located in Wichita, Kansas. Along with delivery hubs in Hyderabad, Guntur, and Noida, India, we also have U.S. sites in Atlanta, New Jersey, and Canada. We serve a wide range of businesses, including the public sector, utilities, government, finance, internet, travel, entertainment, and healthcare.We have successfully completed projects involving customized.NET applications, data migration, data cleansing, disaster recovery, web portal development, database design and implementation, systems integration, technology migration, Dynamics AX and CRM applications, and mobile computing application development using a combination of offshore, USA-based, and on-site talent. We provide businesses with the optimal blend of local and international delivery. At 3i Sunsoft, we pay attention to our customers’ demands and listen to them. With years of technical experience and an international presence, we provide highly responsible services at competitive prices.

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Selecting 3i Sunsoft is selecting a partner that is committed to your success and who recognizes the critical role talent plays in accomplishing your organizational goals. Our dedication lies in assisting you not just in identifying the greatest talent but also in nurturing and managing it to ensure sustained success and growth. Contact us right now to talk about how we can take your talent acquisition and management tactics to the next level and let’s go on this adventure together.


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